In 2022 we have succefully launched our BIG7, an original and visual vertical roulette that combines two games in one. The player can bet on matching the color or the winner number.

Maximum excitement for the player and prizes up to x50 for each bet, the spectacular BIG 7 vertical roulette is visual, dynamic and totally trusted!

BIG7 combines two games in one! The player can bet on the winning color and number and also demonstrate their skill by triggering the launch of the wheel at the right time.

MGA BIG 7 – layout example



2 games in 1

Technical Especifications

  • Different monetic options and TITO
  • LED lighting
  • With 2, 3 and 4 game positions depending on configuration
  • Adapted to the different prize configurations of each Region
  • Easy accessibility for maintenance



1575 x 1540 x 2500 mm



1870 x 1552 x 2500 mm



2100 x 1760 x 2500 mm

Do you prefer our modular version?

MGA Evolution