With our classic Lucky Casino, MGA Industrial has been offering the market for years a coin pusher with very stable performance and durability and maximum profitability. Ideal for gambling halls, bingos and casinos with a large influx of people, as it is very attractive due to its trays and towers of coins.

Coin pushers are one of the most exclusive and characteristic products of the MGA Industrial portfolio. Modernized for high-traffic gambling halls, the 6-player coin pusher is a long-lasting, highly profitable item.

A dynamic game that combines two games. On the one hand the classic pushing game, especially visual with towers of coins. On the other hand, the reel game with spin skill, created to maximize player entertainment by awarding prizes of up to €25 per spin.

Lucky Casino

Profitability and durability

Dynamic game

General features

  • 6 player stations.
  • €1 version with €0.2 and €1 pre-game
  • High quality finishes in INOX
  • LED lighting
  • Quality monetics: double “anti-fishing” system
  • Alerts in case of tilt or manipulation
  • Easy accessibility for maintenance


1850 x 1620 x 2050 mm
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