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MGA Industrial at the 9th Expo Congreso Andaluz sobre el Juego: “Thank you for your attendance”

24 September, 2021|

MGA Industrial co-sponsors an event that the company understands as an opportunity to contribute to the dynamization and recovery of the sector.
Successful participation and a consolidated portfolio: a date on the calendar to remember with enthusiasm and peace of mind that gives the job well done.

 Respecting the distances required by the situation, MGA […]

MGA Industrial: the 9th Torremolinos Expo Congress will contribute to the revitalization and recovery of the sector

7 September, 2021|

MGA Industrial supports with its co-sponsorship the 9th Andalusian Gaming Expo Congress.
Multi-position machines, in which MGA Industrial has proven experience, and access controls will be the protagonists of the company’s stand.


The summer is coming to the end and the sector inaugurates the new course with an event to which, this year more than […]

MGA Industrial obtains the homologation of its access control system MGA ACCESS BIO in Cantabria

4 August, 2021|

The access control system of MGA Industrial, consolidated as a leader in Catalonia and evolved to suit the needs of each Autonomous Region, continues its expansion through the Spanish geography.

MGA Industrial has announced the homoloation of its access control system MGA ACCESS BIO in the Cantabria Autonomous Region.

After continuous evolution to suit the needs of […]

MGA Industrial will attend the 9th Expo Congreso Andaluz sobre el Juego in Torremolinos

26 July, 2021|

Following the official announcement of the organization, the company has confirmed its attendance at the ninth edition of the Expo Congreso Andaluz sobre el Juego.

MGA Industrial supports with its attendance at the event, trusting in a project designed to comply with all the measures and protocols required by the current situation.

This year MGA […]

MGA Industrial leaves its mark in Valencia and Seville with the presentation of its MGA ACCESS BIO access control range

30 September, 2020|

MGA Industrial brought its range of access control to Levante and Andalusia with its MGA ACCESS BIO TOUR, an innovative presentation format that was very well received by the attending Operators.
The format adopted allowed the company to advise the Operators in an exclusive and personalized way, observing all the health security measures required […]

MGA Industrial announces the dates of the MGA ACCESS BIO TOUR Andalusia in Seville

10 September, 2020|

MGA Industrial organizes in Andalusia the second MGA ACCESS BIO TOUR event from September 22 to 24 to present its range of access control systems to Operators in the area, thus offering another opportunity for those who cannot attend the event in Valencia.


The event, with a unique format and 3 days duration, will […]

Prepared for the first MGA ACCESS BIO TOUR event in Valencia

3 September, 2020|

From September 15 to 17, the operators of gambling halls in the area will be able to learn about the solutions of the MGA Industrial innovative access control system.


Based on fingerprint biometrics and characterized by speed and precision, MGA ACCESS BIO is presented as the best alternative to other access control systems of […]

MGA Industrial prepares its MGA ACCESS BIO TOUR with an innovative presentation format

8 July, 2020|

MGA Industrial reinvents itself to be “close” to the Operators and organizes, for the month of September, 3-day events in Valencia and Seville in which the entire MGA ACCESS BIO range will be exposed.

MGA Industrial resumes its campaign of presentations of the MGA ACCESS BIO system with a new format that will be released […]

MGA Industrial roulettes ready to adapt to Cashless/BITO/TITO systems

16 June, 2020|

MGA Industrial proposes to take a step forward with Cashless/BITO/TITO systems to adapt to new market trends and enjoy the many benefits of these solutions.

MGA Industrial has informed that all roulettes Magic Red, Compact, DLX and Luxury can be adapted to Cashless (electronic card), BITO (Bill In Ticket Out) or TITO (Ticket In Ticket […]

MGA Industrial obtains the homologation of its access control system MGA ACCESS BIO in the Madrid Autonomous Region

13 February, 2020|

The MGA Industrial access control system, which has established itself as a leader in Catalonia, continues its expansion to other Regions

MGA Industrial, which a few months ago presented its new MGA ACCESS BIO access control system in Madrid, announces today its approval for that Region and makes available to the operators of the […]