¡Live the excitement of Las Vegas! ¡All the excitement and gaming possibilities of roulette that expands the offer of the Evolution range with the spectacularity of a vertical roulette!

A spectacular roulette game, even though it is simple and intuitive to enjoy great emotions while ensuring the operator’s profitability.

Bet on guessing the number on which the roulette wheel will land or its characteristics (red/black, even/odd, 1-18/19-36, rows, columns…).

More advanced players who already want to go one step further will be able to take advantage of classic bets and statistical and special bets.
Let yourself be dazzled by the impressive vertical roulette and its up to 3 virtual roulettes.

With a dynamic and rhythm of play that allows a higher game/hour ratio than a regular roulette wheel. This without taking away from the player a large margin of time to bet thanks to the anticipated bet.

MGA VEGAS – layout example

Software Evolution


Random Pay

Technical Specififcations

  • 3 game positions
  • Longlasting and clear visibility LED lighting
  • 21,5” Screens
  • High Quality peripherals:
      • • Monetic version:

        • NRI Selector (Monetic Version)
        • Bill Validator: NV200 o JCM-IPRO
        • TITO Version:

        • Without coin validator
        • Bill Validator: NV200 o NV9
        • Printer: Epic Edge o NVR-280



    1870 x 1515 x 2500 mm

    Do you prefer our modular version?

    MGA Evolution