Innovation, service and experience

MGA is a leader in gambling and amusement markets with a long established success career leading the Spanish market since its conception in the 70s.

Founded in 1976 and lead by Jaume Sanahuja Junyent, MGA Group created the first slot machine in Spain and has been at the cutting edge of the technology ever since. MGA group was also pioneer in the creation of the first family entertainment centres and gambling halls in Spain.

A trend-setter and aware that the gaming and gambling sector require constant evolution, MGA Group has managed to consolidate a powerful business group, which covers all gambling and entertainment areas and sub-sectors. It has broad experience in the manufacture, distribution and operation of all types of gambling and entertainment machines, and it is constantly creating and developing new business opportunities.

From the beginning, MGA Group has developed powerful strategic alliances with the most relevant international business groups in gambling and entertainment markets.

The Group headquarters are located in Parque Tecnológico del Vallés (PTV), in Barcelona, a privileged area for its development that provides the necessary elements to promote the innovation on its projects to the highest degree.

Today MGA Group is a leader company on the Spanish and international market, relying on values such as innovation, quality and especially the confidence and customer service attitude of its broad human team.


Parc Tecnològic del Vallès
Carrer Fargaires, 1-3
08290 Cerdanyola del Vallès


T +34 935 824 555
F +34 935 824 556


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