• A good product, reliability, service vocation and 50 years of history: the key values that make MGA Industrial a reference in the electronic roulette market.

MGA Industrial was the company that made it possible for electronic roulette to be introduced in the different Spanish Regions under the B machine homologation.

In 2003, MGA Industrial started the revolution of a declining sector, since the Gambling Halls were able to expand their offer with a product that, in many cases, would end up becoming the core business.

Since that turning point and after a very long experience in the exclusive distribution of Interblock/Dosniha’s Megastar product, in 2013 MGA Industrial decided to market an electronic roulette under its own brand, in collaboration with SMI, called Magic Red.

It has been 20 and 10 years respectively. Two decades in which MGA Industrial’s electronic roulette have not stopped evolving to position themselves at all times at the forefront of technology and quality that characterizes the brand.

If we make a quick review of these 10 years of own brand, we place the Magic Red model, with 5, 8 or 10 game positions, as the first to be marketed. In 2015, the Magic Plus arrived, designed for demanding customers looking for the best peripherals. The sales success resulted in the expansion of the product family with 12 and 14 position machines. 2016 is the year of incorporation of the Compact electonic roulette, with layouts from 4 to 12 players, and whose success lies in its contained size, which allows salons with limited space to maximize the number of playing positions. Subsequently, in2018, R&D for the improvement of the larger range would result in the DLX and Luxury versions, with larger screens and new technological features.

And in 2023, coinciding with the tenth anniversary of the own brand, MGA Industrial’s latest novelty appears, the Evolution electoniv roulette, whose name properly indicates the essence of the product’s trajectory over the years.

Evolution is a model created to compete with the highest ranges on the market, while remaining a competitive product that incorporates unique innovations in the sector and features that are highly valued by customers.

Throughout all this time, the thousands of MGA Industrial roulette positions located in Gambling Halls, Bingos and Casinos have demonstrated and spoken for themselves of their goodness and have placed the company as market leaders in several Spanish Regions. A position that, undoubtedly, is the result of the combination of a good product with important values such as seriousness, service vocation and temporary continuity, that agglutinates a company with nearly 50 years of history and a trajectory of almost 2 decades in the commercialization of electronic roulettes. Reasons all of them more than justified to place MGA Industrial as a reference when considering the acquisition of a product of these characteristics, with an average life that ranges between 8 and 10 years.