• Artur Porta, CEO of MGA Industrial: “Having an Evolution roulette wheel means betting on the present while looking ahead to the future”.
  • The company chose the facilities of the Museo del Recreativo Sanahuja in Sabadell (Barcelona) for the presentation of the Evolution roulette wheel.

The Museo del Recreativo Sanahuja hosted this afternoon the presentation of the latest great novelty of MGA Industrial: the Evolution roulette.

A great evolutionary leap in roulette technology for Gambling Halls, Casinos and Bingos and one more step taken by the company towards the transformation of the multi-station machines market.

The event, which was attended by representatives of the main operators of face-to-face gaming, allowed to show for the first time the properties of the spectacular Evolution.

Artur Porta, general manager of MGA Industrial, explains that: “It is a roulette wheel conceived and designed for the enjoyment of players and the profitability of operators. An Evolution roulette wheel will mean the possibility of new game modalities for the Gambling Rooms and also the adaptation to all those new formats of payment methods that may arise, made and designed today for the needs of today and tomorrow”.

With cutting-edge technology to guarantee reliability and the best performance, Evolution is designed based on intelligent ergonomics, taking care of every detail to create the best experience for the player, with multiple configuration options and state-of-the-art applications to guarantee security and confidence to the operator.

During the presentation, one of the properties that most attracted the attention of the attendees was the option of integrating two different balls in the same cylinder, resembling the behavior of a two-cylinder roulette wheel, but occupying much less space and with a lower investment for the player, making it possible to place differentiated bets for each ball.

Evolution roulette wheels offer countless possibilities of adaptation thanks to their modular growth, with 5, 8, 10 and 12 playing stations, color selection option or different payment methods.

Technologically, Evolution roulette is based on a hardware system ready for real double ball and a software that allows to connect up to 4 virtual roulettes. It also has large 27″ touch screens, highly resistant, and a multitape bet differentiated by each cylinder along with the additional game “Space Balls”, based on the result of the fall of the 2 balls.

The attendees were able to check the high quality finishes and durability of the roulette and its peripherals, with a casino quality, and appreciated the easy access that Evolution offers for maintenance actions. They also verified the possibility of configuring different payment systems: recycler wallet, monetics, TITO, among others. As well as the possibility of consulting statistics differentiated by ball.

Other management tools they discovered were the provision of multiple configurable jackpots and remote technical assistance and support. Along with optional access to back office casino management information (Web Repporting) and the existence of a triple SAS6.03 port, which allows connectivity with casino management systems.

MGA Industrial’s new proposal is emerging as a groundbreaking product for Gaming Halls, Casinos and Bingos and is the result of combining two decades of roulette commercialization in the Spanish market, with a vocation for service and a clear commitment to innovation. The general manager of MGA Industrial does not hesitate to describe these technologies as a revolution: “Faced with the very important challenges facing our sector, we have to find alternatives. We are working to promote a complete and flexible offer that responds to the needs and constant evolution of the sector. And it is precisely our wide range of products and our know-how that have made us not only a service provider but also a strategic partner for all our customers,” says Porta.

The company chose the facilities of the Museo del Recreativo Sanahuja in Sabadell (Barcelona), a space of more than 1500m2 that houses more than 500 machines of the gaming sector and where, just a few days ago, the First International Pinball Tournament of Catalonia was held. Thus, at the beginning of the event, the guests could enjoy visiting one of the largest private arcade collections in Spain and Europe.