Our challenge to approach one of the oldest and most successful casino game to your gaming establishment.

For new players, it includes a help function which facilitates a rapid and enjoyable learning; for experts, it integrates multihand and multitable options.

MGA Blackjack– 5 players

4 simultaneous tables

Bet sides

High quality electronic peripherals

Game features

  • Up to 4 simultaneous tables.
  • Possibility of setting up each table.
  • Possibility of setting up the rules for each table.
  • Side bets.
  • Bet on the bank.
  • TITO ready.
  • Dynamic game.

Technical specifications

  • 65” main screen.
  • 21.5” resistant touchscreen with PCT technology.
  • Banknote recycler.
  • USB charger.
  • TITO printer.
  • Assistance and remote support.

Dimensions: 2150 mm (L) x 1730 mm (W) x 2020 mm (H)

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