MGA ratified its support to the “Asociación de Salones de Juego y Recreativos (ANESAR)” one more year for the organization of the annual congress, celebrated last 19th December at Rafael del Pino Auditorium in Madrid.

This year MGA sponsored the lunch, held on the same day at the Intercontinental Hotel and attended by more than 200 people.

The Congress allowed to bring together the representatives from the main companies of the gambling and gaming sector, members of the public administrations, associations and Media, being a great opportunity to communicate the reality of the sector effectively and objectively.

Following this purpose, the keynote speech was given by D. Carlos Solchaga Catalán and was also organized a round table where the main national political groups set out their position about the gaming industry.

In this respect, MGA shares the ANESAR Congress aims to focus on contents and discussion in order to convey to the Media and society at large a true picture and information about the gaming industry, that makes a commitment to a new gaming room concept, focused on leisure and costumer care, with new openings with which will be reached about 20.000 direct jobs.

See the pictures of the event published by the specialized press: