Spanish company MGA has reached an agreement with Sacoa, specialized in the operation of entertainment centers in Argentina, for the distribution of its successful payment platform Sacoa Playcard in the entertainment and leisure centers throughout Spain.

The agreement established between the two large companies, engaged for decades in leisure and family entertainment, will allow MGA’s Industrial Division to market and install products of the Sacoa payment system, ranging from customizable debit cards, suitable to implement marketing and loyalty strategies, card readers, kiosks and recharging points, as well as the platform software.

The general director of MGA’s Industrial Division, Artur Porta, explains that “Sacoa’s products offer a comprehensive solution for family leisure, through a system that provides dynamic and enables to implement a model of management aimed to” loyalizing customers and maximizing benefits.” Artur Porta details the numerous advantages of the system, “from the flexibility of prices per game depending on the machine and the schedules, the possibility of implementing marketing actions based on the traceability of  game users and the reduction of technical incidents, to the security and tranquility that centralizing revenue in the charging kiosk entail”.

Pol Mochkosvsky, for his part, as the director of Sacoa believes that, “The agreement with MGA is, undoubtedly, the best choice for the success of the promotion and development of their system in Spanish territory. MGA is, like Sacoa, a family business always dedicated to the innovation and development of the family entertainment industry so it has been easy and simple to understand each other and feel comfortable.” He also explains, “We expect a business relationship full of success and satisfaction. Our system, implemented in more than 1,600 facilities around the world, gives us a global leading position as a management system for the entertainment industry. It is not just a question of avoiding the use of a coin or token, we go much further with the integration of a powerful and user-friendly software that allows a total control by knowing in which machines they play more, at what times, controlling Redemption stocks. It is a tool that wherever it is installed, it has become irreplaceable”.

On the other hand, Pedro Samperio, responsible for MGA’s Amusement line and in charge of the implementation of the system in the market, points out his satisfaction to be able offer the product to their customers, making part of MGA’s great strategy to offer the sector multiple solutions that range from the acquisition of a machine, to its management and subsequent aftersales customer service…

About MGA Industrial

The history of MGA in the manufacture and distribution of gaming machines and entertainment began to forge more than 40 years ago and, since then, it has maintained its leadership as a company of reference at national and international level.

In the last five years it has specialized in the marketing of electronic casino machines and multi-position roulettes manufactured in Barcelona with the highest technology and quality, being pioneers in the introduction of the roulette in game rooms.

In the area of Amusement the company is still committed to innovation and works in the application of the latest advances in the field of leisure, as well as in the search for original and exclusive products for their customers thanks to agreements with traditional manufacturers such as SEGA, NAMCO, ICE, BENCHMARK, among others. More info at their new portal

About Sacoa

Sacoa is the leading worldwide supplier of revenue management systems for the entertainment industry, with more than 1,600 facilities in nearly 70 countries.

The Sacoa Playcard system offers customized applications to manage and control all aspects of an entertainment facility.

To play, customers acquire a card with the desired amount of credit, which can be recharged at any time.

The pricing strategies and customer loyalty that the Playcard system can consolidate translate into a significant increase in revenues, typically 20-30%, although many of its customers have reported even higher percentages.