MGA affirms that its roulettes Compact and DLX are the most hated by the scammers, fraudsters and machines manipulators, being at the same time the most appreciated by the operators.

Based on more than 14 years of professional experience and after analyzing and solving the different casuistry appearing throughout this time, MGA is able to affirm that its roulettes are the safest in the market.

Why? The physical accesses inside of the roulette are shielded against incorrect manipulations; the dome lifting is motorized with pistons, which prevents against the use of force to open it; ball control systems and its program guarantee extreme reliability of the machine; RFID access systems using MIFARE DESFIRE technology for bi-directional and univocal reading ensure the impossibility of copying cards; the movement and tilt sensors, the registration of all openings alerts, remotely monitored, as well as the tracking of “strange” behaviours, guarantee that MGA roulettes are safe, robust and reliable products.

In addition all above, MGA roulette gives to the operator excellent revenue, which is why it is positioned as a leading product of the gaming market.

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