Successful Roulette of MGA, Magic Red has introduced in Canary Islands market. The main operators in the autonomous region have opted for quality and excellent results provided by the multi-players roulette. The company has deployed a total of 12 machines on 5 islands confirmed as the main multi-player introduced in the Canary Islands in volume of machines, and the best replacement for the pioneering Megastar Roulette.

The implementation of Magic Red in Canary Islands comes after the success achieved in many regions of the Spanish peninsula. MGA began marketing the Magic Red Roulette in 2013 and now is available in almost all regions, modular sizes, 5, 8 and 10 players available, and both the lounge version as “exclusive” version, with jackpots, wherever the law allows.

Currently Magic Red is one of the best Roulettes of the market, more modern and with excellent levels of revenue by customer already operating these machines. This is shown by the index of repeat customers buying expanding the fleet of machines to replace old for these new models. One way to satisfy players with an attractive and dynamic product, but at the same time provides some revenue figures that more than justify the investment.

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